How to Play Joker123 Online Slots Real Money Via Applications

How to Play Joker123 Online Slots Real Money Via Applications

Online slot gambling is a gambling game that is currently very popular. With a winning prize and a very easy way to play, making online slot gambling has many enthusiasts. But you need to know, there are actually 2 ways to play online slot gambling. The first is to play directly on a trusted slot gambling agent site, and the second is to play using an application.

As for the first method, I think this is quite common for bettors to do. So we no longer need to discuss how to play it. And what we will discuss this time is only the second way, namely how to play online slots via an application.

But before that, you need to know which slot gambling provider provides slot gambling games via the application. For Indonesia itself, now there is only a joker123 judi slot gambling provider that provides it. So, what we will discuss this time is how to play joker123 online slots via an application.

And before we can start playing, of course there is one important thing that you need to have, namely a joker123 slot gambling account. Where do we get this account from? Of course, by registering a joker123 apk slot gambling account on a trusted slot gambling agent site. And to find a trusted slot gambling agent site, you can tell the difference by knowing the characteristics of a trusted slot gambling site .

If you have found a trusted slot gambling agent site that can make you a joker123 apk slot account, register immediately on the site. And if you have, that means you are ready to start knowing how to play joker123 slot gambling via this apk.

For a tutorial on playing joker123 apk online slot gambling, you can see in the following discussion.

Tutorial How to Play Joker123 Online Slot APK
Playing slot gambling is not just knowing how to operate a slot machine. We also need to know how to deposit, log into the game and also how to withdraw funds. Moreover, playing this joekr123 apk slot gambling, where we need to download the application first so we can play.

Therefore, for those of you who don’t know how to download and install the joker123 apk to your smartphone, keep reading this article. Because in this article, I will discuss in full how the tutorial on how to play joker123 slots via the application.

Here is a tutorial on how to play it:

Download Apk Joker123
First, we will discuss how to download the apk first. Because this is the most important thing, if we want to play joker123 apk slot gambling. If we don’t have the application, how will we be able to play.

How to download it is quite easy, that is, you only need to ask for a download link from the admin where you registered. Visit the trusted slot gambling agent site where you previously registered, and ask for a link to download the joker123 apk.

If the slot gambling agent site where you play is indeed trusted, surely the site can give you a download link that is free from blocking. If you get the link, immediately access it using the browser on your smartphone.

Next, surely on your smartphone, an image like the following will appear

Download APK Joker123

Click on the red part of the image, until it brings up options like this

Download APK Joker123

Finish by clicking on the section. Later the apk file will be automatically downloaded to your smartphone. Now that means we have finished at the stage of downloading the joker123 apk, and we are going to the next step.

Instal Apk Joker123
After we download the apk, then the next step we need to do is install the apk to our smartphone. Then how? Just like you usually install other apks.

First of all, open the location of the download file on your smartphone.

Isntal APK Joker123

If you get a display like in the picture, click the joker apk logo to continue the installation. After you click the display on your smartphone it will change like this.

Isntal APK Joker123

Then click on the install section, to continue installing the apk to your smartphone. Wait a few moments, until the installation is complete.

After having the joker123 application, the next step we need to do is deposit capital to play. You can make a deposit on a trusted slot gambling agent site that created your account beforehand.

Because only the gambling agent site can enter the capital balance for you to play. So you can do this by visiting the slot agent site, and asking about the account number for a deposit on the live chat service.

How to Deposit

Then transfer the amount of money you want to deposit into the account number. And if you have, confirm again on the live chat service so that your deposit will be processed immediately. After the deposit process is complete, the capital balance will be in the account that we have.

If you already have the capital to play, then you can just log in to the joker123 application. You can log into the application using the account / user id that you created and previously deposited.

The trick is to click on the joker123 application that you have installed on your previous cellphone. After you click the application logo, it will appear on your cellphone screen the login menu from the apk.

The following is an example image for logging into the game

Login Joker123

Enter your user id and password in each of the available fields. Then click on the login section to enter the application.

Choose Machine And Play
The next step is to choose a machine and start playing. After you log into the application, the display in the application will display many games. So if you want to play online slot gambling, choose the slot menu to display all the slot machines belonging to this joker123.

Slot Joker123

After you select the slot menu, then choose one of the slot machines available there. For a beginner, I recommend choosing the Lucky God 2 Progressive slot machine. Because the machine is quite easy for you to win.

How to Play Slots Online

And for how to operate the slot machine it is quite easy, we only need to press the spin button as in the picture above. But there are also some things you need to pay attention to. namely in the 4 boxes that are on the side of the spin button.

First we start from the far left first, namely lines. This is the number of lanes for the winning image combination. The number listed is the number of winning lines on the online slot machine.

Then what says Play is the number of bets we make on each line. The number in that column is the one that shows how many bets we play on each line.

Next up is Total Play. If this is the total bet that we play each round. So the sum of this total play is, the line bet is multiplied by the paylines. For example, you make a bet of 100 rupiah on each line and there are 9 lines on the machine, so the total of your bet is 100 rupiah times 9 lines, which is 900 rupiah.

The last is the column that says win. This is the number of wins you get on each spin. The number of wins that you get will be displayed in that section.

So before you press the spin button, you must first set the number of bets you want to play. If so, then you press the spin button on the machine.

Withdraw / Withdraw Funds
The last thing is to withdraw or withdraw funds. This of course we will do, after we managed to get a win. Withdrawing winning funds is what bettors want the most.

The way to do this is also very easy. Just like when you made a deposit earlier, namely contacting the live chat. Say you want to withdraw funds, and also tell how much you want to withdraw.

Wait a moment, the admin of the live chat will immediately process your withdrawal of funds.

That was the complete tutorial on how to play joker123 online slot gambling via the application. Starting from downloading the application, to finally withdrawing funds.

I will end this article. Hopefully with this tutorial article on how to play joker123 slot gambling via this application, it can help you to play later.

And for those of you who want to try playing it, remember to play and create an account only on trusted online slot gambling agent sites.

Happy playing, and good luck hockey friends !!