List of Gambling Companies Sponsoring Famous Football Clubs Around the World

List of Gambling Companies Sponsoring Famous Football Clubs Around the World

List of Gambling Companies Sponsoring Famous Football Clubs Around the World

Through promotions that are so lucrative and can increase brand awareness of official soccer betting companies, an agreement between a gambling company and a soccer agen sbobet terbaik club certainly has a huge impact on both parties. You’d be hard pressed to find any major brand from any company field that isn’t in the sports club sponsorship business, especially football.

The following are some of the major gambling companies currently sponsoring various world football teams:

A gambling company founded in 1997, Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG is a gambling company from the European country, Austria. Bwin offers various online gambling games such as official soccer gambling, poker gambling, and also various online live casino bets. So, this Bwin company not only offers a complete sportsbook, there are also various slot gambling games from the best online gambling providers around the world. Before becoming a sponsor of a football club, not many knew about the Bwin gambling company.


However, since it has become the official sponsor of many well-known football clubs around the world from year to year, the company name Bwin is no stranger to being one of the largest international gambling companies in the world. Some of the biggest football clubs that have been sponsored by betting company Bwin include Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and many other sports clubs.


Bwin is so well known as a sponsor of the sport of football, this company even sponsored the Portuguese League Cup until it changed its name to Bwin Cup. This is what shows Bwin’s seriousness as a sports club sponsor. Bwin is also not only focused on soccer, this company has collaborated with the International Basketball Association and has been one of the sponsors of the European basketball championships as well as the world basketball championships for many years now. Apart from basketball, Bwin has also been a sponsor of Motosports and poker gambling competitions. Currently, this European betting company has also entered into sponsorship deals with 2012 Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund and 2019 Copa del Rey winner Valencia CF. Besides that, Bwin also recently signed a contract to sponsor the Portuguese League Championship. This shows how big the benefits are when you become a sponsor of a sports club.

Another gambling company that sponsors many sports clubs is Bet365. This company is a gambling company located in the UK and has been established as one of the online gambling companies formed in 2000 with hundreds of betting shops around the world. Like Bwin, Bet365 is also a well-known gambling company sponsoring various sports teams. In 2018/2019, Bet365 announced that its company had signed contracts with 10 teams in the Spanish football competition La Liga. 10 teams means almost half the teams in the League, including RCD Espanyol, Villarreal, Athletic Club, Real Betis, Getafe, SD Huesca, Celta Vigo, Rayo Vallecano, Real Valladolid and SD Eibar sponsored by Bet365. Bet365 currently sponsors four Premier League teams: Leicester, Newcastle United, West Brom, and Wolverhampton. The company is also a sponsor of Stoke City FC, which happens to be the home team of Bet365. Even the home stadium of Stoke City FC (formerly the Britannia Stadium) now bears the name of the betting company and is now known as the Bet365 stadium.

Founded in 2000, Betfair is an online gambling company based in the UK and offers a full range of online gambling games such as sportsbook betting, online casino, online bingo and online poker. This official soccer betting site also operates the largest online betting exchange in the world. Interestingly, Betfair was the first official soccer betting company to sponsor an English football team when the company sponsored Fulham in 2002.


After sponsoring the club Fulham, Betfair has again sponsored many other well-known football teams over the years, including big teams such as Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Southampton, Sunderland, Leicester City and many others.


Currently, Betfair are on a three-year sponsorship contract with CONMEBOL’s two major club competitions, including the CONMEBOL Libertadores and CONMEBOL Sudamericana. This agreement is valid until December 31, 2022. Currently, Betfair is also in sponsorship agreements with many teams inside and outside the sport of football to be able to make the company more known to more people.

Betway is a global online gambling company founded in 2006 with several favorite gambling products, such as sportsbook, casino and esports. Sponsorship is a key part of the company’s strategy to expand globally, which is why this British betting company actively sponsors teams, clubs and events in the world of sport. Betway as an official soccer betting company has been actively entering into various lucrative sponsorship deals with sports teams over the years.


Betway is currently the main sponsor of West Ham United and continues to be the main sponsor of the team to this day with a total sponsorship of 20 million dollars annually. Betway also has active sponsorship deals with Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur, the two English giants. Of course, football is not the only sport that Betway sponsors. The company has branches in almost every sport out there. It has multiple sponsorship deals with clubs, teams, venues and events in horse racing, cricket, snooker, esports, Bundesliga, NHL, NBA and more.

There are many more gambling companies that are sponsors of the world’s biggest sports clubs. Being a sponsor of a sports club has proven to be profitable through a brand that is better known by many people. The more known a gambling company is, of course, the more people who want to play gambling at the company. Therefore, even though to become a sponsor, a company must spend quite a lot of up to millions of dollars, but the reciprocity obtained through increased brand awareness is certainly very worth the capital spent.