Strategy to Play Baccarat Online at SBOBET

Strategy to Play Baccarat Online at SBOBET

On this occasion we try to give you some playing strategies for those of you who want to try online betting in this Baccarat game or you often play but find it difficult to win. The baccarat game presented by Sbobet Casino is slightly different from other types of baccarat games. It’s a good idea to learn it first so you don’t misapply the playing strategy that we will share with you, here are the playing strategies;

Understand the Chips and Stakes Played

Chips and Stakes are one of the most important things to pay attention to in the game of baccarat, the chips used indicate the amount of coins to be played. While stakes are the minimum and maximum limits of bets that can be made at the table. This is a basic strategy where you have to know very well how much you want to play and spend in the game round before deciding to play.

Think again about the number of chips you want to play, because if you push your luck too much it will be difficult where the spending does not match the type of choice you choose. It would be a good thing that you can control yourself in the game so that both wins and losses will not weigh you down too much. Recall your goal of playing! if you are looking for a profit then a win that is not too big is certainly not a problem for you and if you are looking for a big win then you must have a lot of chip capital.

Understand How to Play and Game Rules

Baccarat on Sbobet offers many options such as Banker, Player, Tie, Fortune Six, Dragon Bonus Banker and Dragon Bonus Player. Of course here you will be required more to understand well the types of bets and how to win them. So that when you read the card spending flow, you can get a big win in one round. The rules in this game are quite easy and you can remember them well, basically you just need to understand the next card issuance and guess the total.

However, if you are still a beginner, it’s a good idea to study it well, because this game has rules for dropping a third card. Understand it well so that you can read the disbursement of the numbers from the cards that have come out later. There are not many rules about this game so you can easily start playing after knowing how the “Hit” or the third card drops.

We will explain a few of the types of options offered in Sbobet;


if you choose the banker and win the total card from the player then you get 95% of the nominal bet, 5% will go into the commission.


If you choose a player and win a total card from the banker then you get 100% of the nominal bet without a commission deduction.


If the total cards from the banker and player are tied, the winning index of this choice is 1:9, if you pair 10 thousand, you will get 90 thousand.

Dragon Bonus

For this bet, it is a bit complicated but still uses the difference between the total of the two cards from both the player and the banker. For the amount of the winning index, it varies depending on the difference in the total banker and player cards and the type of dragon bonus you choose in the game round.